Reaching Millennials (Wait, I’m a Millennial!)

reaching millenialsI found it rather amusing to read a book entitled Reaching Millennials: Proven Methods for Engaging a Younger Generation, when I myself am a millennial. David Stark, is spot-on, however. I didn’t find any of the information or ideas particularly new to me, most likely because of my age. I will definitely have to find an older person to pass this on to, as Stark does express his ideas effectively.

I am always a skeptic when I start reading books like this – especially books that have words like “reach” in the title. “Oh great, another book about how to have elaborate programs so that people will come into a church building.” This is not a book about programs or simply about getting people to come into a church building. (Thankfully!) Stark points out that there is no one-size-fits-all model. The job of a leader is to figure out what a model that fits their particular context (place and time). What worked in the 50s in the neighborhood is not going to be so relevant now.

The biggest phrase or idea that sticks out to me is “How can we make it easy for people to come to faith?”  Not to say that faith or discipleship is easy, but what are things about the HOW we do church or build relationships that keep people from faith?  I know plenty of people that say that they love Jesus, but have been burned by the church, and that is terrible.

I love how Stark ends: “God is the one who draws people to faith, and our job is to love and engage them, not draw them.”  It really is about God.

*I received this book from Bethany House in exchange for an honest review.



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