Reading with a Newborn

davidandrubyRuby Joy arrived and she has been such a gift to us! We are obviously still adjusting to being a family of four. For me, this means adjusting to a strange sleep schedule with a lot of late-night-feedings. Besides listening to podcasts and just snuggling with my baby girl, I have enjoyed reading on my phone with the Kindle app. I’ve been reading through Kristen Welch’s Don’t Make Me Come Up There: Quiet Moments for Busy Moms. I think at some point in the past year I had snatched up the copy while it was free.

dontmakemecomeup¬†Kristen is hilarious. She blogs at We are THAT Family.¬† I don’t understand how she gets into so many predicaments as a mom! As she tells her stories, she connects them to her faith walk and what Jesus is teaching her. Each story snippet also includes a Scripture verse and brief prayer. And the best part – each chapter is short enough to read while I’m waiting for Ruby to finish burping or filling her diaper.

I never thought I’d enjoy an E-reader

but I love it! Thanks Josiah.

Josiah and I opened our presents early, and he gave me a Kindle. I’ve been loving it.

Here are some reasons why:

  • I can read in bed while Josiah sleeps WITHOUT turning on my lamp
  • I can take it along on a trip and have plenty of reading material at my fingertips
  • I can get free books!¬† I have started reading through some classic literature, and a lot of those books are free. There are also many other free books online. I’ll try to post later on how to find them.
  • I don’t need a bookmark – my place is automatically saved
  • If I were to buy new books, the Kindle version is usually cheaper
  • I can use and borrow library books without taking my active toddler inside the doors
  • My book collection is easier to deal with on moving day

Now, I still LOVE hard copies of books. I don’t think I will ever stop enjoying visiting libraries and bookstores and flipping through pages. I love picture books for children. I’m afraid I’d mess up my Kindle if I tried to use it while cooking. And I don’t think e-readers are very compost-able. . .