Why nourishing?

When I think of the word nourishing,  I think of something that is nutritious and good for you.  I love reading good books just as much as I enjoy eating good food; I have discovered that for me personally, a healthy diet of books feeds my mind and heart. Some people eat an apple a day for health, I read a book every couple of days for health.

On this blog I will try to share books that have been good for me to read – whether because they were encouraging, thought-provoking, or changed my life and perspective in some way. I am a Christian, so some of the books will feed my faith in a more overtly “Christian” way, and other books will not include the faith component. I enjoy reading a wide variety of books, so I will not limit this blog in that regard.

If for some reason, you read some of the books that I feature, and you cannot stand them, or you have a completely different opinion than me, by all means share your opinion courteously! I look forward to your feedback.

And now, because of my love and interest in food, (and to continue to work through the tutorial that is teaching me how to make posts), here is a video to watch on Nourishing Traditions. This is a recent interest of mine and Susan Godfrey did a good job of explaining.

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