Another Place at the Table: A Story of Shattered Childhoods Redeemed by Love

Finally. I had been looking for a book like this for years: Another Place at the Table.


Kathy Harrison shares from her experiences as a foster parent. This is not an easy book to read; the children came into the Harrison home from very difficult pasts. I’ve read multiple books written by previous foster children, but this is the first book written by a foster parent that I’ve been able to get my hands on.  Although the individual stories are obviously different than the stories of the children that have been in our home, so much of Harrison’s story was the same as mine.


The love for the children. The difficulty.The broken heart from hearing their stories, and the broken heart from saying good-bye. The phone calls and quick decisions. The relationships with biological parents. The meetings with therapists and life-altering court decisions.

Not knowing if you can handle another child from the system, and not knowing if you can handle NOT having another child from the system.

This is part of the journey Josiah and I are on. We’re glad we don’t walk alone.

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