Book Review: The Cook’s Herb Garden

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My in-laws gave me The Cook’s Herb Garden for my birthday. (Thanks guys!)  I’ve enjoyed skimming through it. I’m excited for warmer weather and the chance to work in my herb bed.

Organization and Features

The book contains four main sections: choose, grow, harvest & store, and cook. The choose section features an herb catalog with photos and information. For each herb, the authors include information for growing, harvesting, and cooking. If you are new to gardening, the grow section will help you get started without feeling overwhelmed. The harvesting and cooking sections were of course my favorites. I want to try rosemary oil and oregano butter.  At the back of the book, the authors included some charts of foods and what herbs you can partner with the foods. For example, pair figs with cilantro or lavender, or grapes with cilantro or lemon.

Something I learned

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I learned something new. You can freeze garlic by separating into cloves, shaping in a roll and covering in plastic wrap. You don’t need to include water or oil. I will have to try that. I am very lazy when it comes to garlic.  I frequently use garlic powder so I don’t have to deal with peeling and mincing.

Something I would change

  • Add a list of recommended resources for learning more about herbs – herbs as medicine, more recipes, etc.
  • More recipes – especially recipes that kids would be into (or at least willing to try)

Things I love

  • Awesome photos
  • Organization
  •  Great size, and just the right amount of detail

Do you enjoy growing or using herbs? Any resources that you would recommend?

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