Extending the Table: Recipes and Stories from Argentina to Zambia

A month or so, I was really struggling with motivation in the kitchen. I wanted to eat, but I didn’t want to make anything. And I kept wanting to eat Asian food. AND David had started eating everything in our cupboards. Then I remembered a favorite cookbook of mine- Extending the Table: Recipes and Stories from Argentina to Zambia. I decided I was going to try and cook through it, just as I had done with Simply in Season. (Well, I’m about 10 recipes short from having cooked everything, but I cooked most of the ones that looked appetizing.)

ExtendTable_ST_0  Extending the Table contains recipes, stories, and proverbs from all around the world.  I’ve had so much fun in the past couple of weeks. In one meal, I’ve served soup from Venezuela and bread from Botswana. And yes, I’ve been finding some fun Chinese and Filipino recipes to satisfy my Asian cravings. This book has great organization – you can search by ingredient or country.

Emily Welty has blogged about her experience in cooking through Extending the Table: http://extendingthetable.wordpress.com  I also just discovered that a new edition is coming out in May 2014 – wahoo!

What are your favorite cookbooks?

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