Your Own Big Bed

Bedtime has been interesting around here lately. At one moment, David is excited to sleep in his toddler bed, and we can hear him saying “I’m a big boy” as he’s settling down. 5 minutes later: “I don’t want to sleep in my bed. I want my crib!” And back in his crib he goes, and we wait again for another night.

I ordered a bedtime book, and even though after one reading it has not changed David’s mind, I thought I’d still share it here. I love the beautiful story and illustrations.

yourownbigbedYour  Own BIG BED by Rita Bergstein.   Bergstein compares how animals grow up and humans grow up – being carried by their parents turns into taking their first steps, etc. And then, just as some of the animals get too big for where they sleep/live, children get too big for their cribs and need to sleep in a bed.



I know that David will not be sleeping in a crib when he is 10, so I guess we’ll keep patiently working at this. . .

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