David’s Library Bag: Books about the World

How do you instill a love for the world in children?  I know that a lot depends on the child, but one thing I try to do (besides having David try a variety of foods, and having him play outside) is by reading him books that deal with these very topics. Here are two favorites from this week:

work Work by Ann Morris. Morris writes about how people all over the world work- alone, away from home, with their hands, etc. Morris includes photos from different countries; in the back of the back Morris explains a little more about each photo. Morris has written other books with the same concept; Bread, Tools, and Hats are some of my favorites from the series.


allthingsbright  All Things Bright and Beautiful by Ashley Bryan. David likes when I sing this one. Yesterday I played it on the piano (music is included in the back of the book), and he grinned from ear to ear. Bryan made the illustrations using cut paper, and the result is bright, cheery, beautiful pictures.

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