In Case You Wanted to Learn How to Knit

I’m working on a knitting project. Before you get too impressed, let me tell you about what happened last night. To summarize, I ended up having to start completely over. I was not happy. I’m slightly scared to try again, but I guess I really can’t go backwards any further.

I took a beginning class at our local library, but to supplement my learning, I also checked out some beginning knitting books.  These are not to blame for last night.

Knitting 101 is my favorite. knitting101 I actually decided to buy it. (It was either that or keep checking it out of the library until I am no longer a beginning knitter.)  This book includes basic instructions with helpful photos and projects that build on each other. (And the projects do not look like they came from the 80s.) There is a DVD too, but I haven’t used it yet. I know there are resources on Youtube and knitting websites, but sometimes I still find books most helpful in learning new skills.

Right now I’m working on a lace neck-warmer thing (not sure of the technical term). I think part of what I need to learn is how to correct myself without taking out too much work. Guess that’s what my knitting group is for. That and moral support and chocolate.

Here are two other books from the library: Getting Started Knitting and Simple Knitting.  They were fun-looking, but I liked Knitting 101 because it seemed more user-friendly for some reason.

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