Just a smattering of things. . .

First of all, here is the frame I made with my dad. (Thanks, Dad!)  As I look at the photo, I’m realizing I really need to learn how to take better photos. (Josiah????) I am learning about wood with my book-  The Handbuilt Home. For more info about the book, check out my post here. Josiah and I are going to make a step-stool for David next.

homemade frame

I didn’t record our library books from last week. . .there was nothing terribly exciting. I did read The Mothers, which had elements of a good story, but I was somewhat annoyed with the narrator. Josiah and I watched Mr. Popper’s Penguins, but it has been too long since I read the book, so I have no idea how much the movie follows the book.

Finally, I found a fun blog – The Modern Mrs. Darcy, and she (Anne) talks books a lot. Yay. She also has a downloadable list of recommended books – 2013 Ultimate Beach Reading Guide. I look forward to exploring her site more.