The Little Hands Art Book

I don’t want to wait until David is 5 to start doing art projects. And although I have ideas of my own, it’s nice to find some new ideas for things to do with him. My goal is one “art” project (besides coloring and water-colors which he does frequently anyway) a week. The great thing is that I have a ton of supplies left-over from when I taught preschool.

littlehandsart  Here’s a book I’ve been using for inspiration:The Little Hands art Book by Judy Press. It’s geared towards 2-6-year-olds. I love that the materials are simple and the projects are simple. Last week we made a caterpillar out of an old egg carton, markers, and pipe cleaners. I have the old version of the book (thrifted!), but apparently there’s a new edition out there.